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The American Dream Then and Now

From hard work and solid ethics to achievement and participation awards, America is currently in the midst of a wake-up call. Growth and innovation is possible, but only if we understand that those who established the concept of the American Dream are not of the same mindset of those trying to achieve it today.

How the American Dream Has Changed Over the Years

No matter how much America has been through over the past decade, many others within the world still refer to it as the greatest country in the world. America is a country of melting pot cultures that accepts everyone no matter their race, gender, nationality, or ethnicity.

The American Dream was pretty straightforward. Fulfill your happiness (including personally and business wise) while being able to express yourself as you please (freedom of speech) in addition to earning your wealth with equal opportunities.

Today we are going to discuss the differences between how the American Dream was 10 years ago and how many look at it now.

America's society boasts "fair share" over hard work ethics

10 years ago America understood the foundation of the American Dream, even if it did not benefit everyone in the worse case scenario. Working hard, attending college (paying off school loans if necessary), getting a job, and progressing through the ranks was the normal mindset.

Now...things are all about "fair share of the wealth". There are not many people who truly wants to see individuals on the street homeless or living in poverty. However, the only person someone can control is their own. With this in mind, politics have had a hard time being “politically correct” while still being logical (the two are not the same in this era) for the sake of votes.

Society has become too entitled with opinions

It is nothing new with understanding that people have different perspectives in life. Not everyone thinks the same nor does anyone have the one and only right. That is (well used to be) the great thing about America. Now, things are completely different to the point that it is almost unbearable. Having a difference of opinion now warrants anyone (especially those on the internet) to label you sexist, racist, homophobic, etc., without any actual justification at all.

The economy is not fit for everyone

There has never been a time where every single human being has escaped homelessness, poverty, and/or financial obligations. A decade ago it was normal to understand that you just have to do what you can (legally) to get out of your financial troubles. Individuals contributed what they could through non-profit programs. Now, it is a "dog eat dog society" in a sense and tax the wealthy instead of create more jobs.

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