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Oregon PayStubs explains ways to cash checks without a bank account. Low check cashing and free options can be found at the bank the check is drafted from, grocery stores, and Western Union.

Ways to Cash Checks without a Bank Account

    Due to a variety of reasons including personal reasons, the way our economy collapsed in 2008, and simply trust issues, some individuals choose not to setup a bank account. There is absolutely no problem with going off the grid (per se) and not having a bank account. However, there are a few cons that comes with the pros.

    Today we are going to talk about the most important part of bank accounts… your money! You do not necessarily need to have a bank institution to cash your paycheck (the paychecks you rightfully earned). We are going to let you know the avenues that you can take to live a normal life without any extra worries.

    Western Union
    The most common place for individuals to cash their checks without having a bank account is Western Union. Western Union is an international wide institution that many individuals use on a daily basis.

    Not only can you cash your checks here, but you can get a prepaid debit card (at selective locations) as well. Cashing your checks here does come at a fee, which depends upon the amount of your check. This is technically not a bank account, but you can definitely treat it like one if you so please.

    Grocery Stores and Walmart
    Grocery stores are the next best option for you to take when you want to cash your checks. Just like the Western Union stores, you may have to pay a fee, but you will know well ahead of time instead of being blind-sided. Another great benefit to this is pretty much cutting your traveling time on a daily/weekly basis. If you can time it to your benefit, your grocery shopping trip and check cashing trip can be done at the same exact time.

    The Bank the Check is Drafted From
    We know this is not supposed to approve banks, but here us out here. You do not need to setup a bank account to actually cash your checks at a bank. If your check (assuming this is coming from your job) uses the specific bank, then you can still get it (your check) cleared and cashed. The great benefit here is that some banks allow you to cash the checks for free (others do charge a very small flat rate fee too).

    There are several ways to cash checks without a bank account available that help you keep more money in your pocket. Check cashing and cash advance locations are the absolute worst options when you are trying to keep money in your pocket. Create Oregon pay stubs that show the amounts earned and cash the checks that are written as payment. With no software to download, no templates to fill in, and no calculations to perform, say "yes" to your instant Oregon pay stub income verification!

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