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How To Avoid State Income Taxes

States with no income taxes increase the income of its residents. Skip paying income taxes in Texas, Florida, Nevada, Tennessee, Alaska, New Hampshire, Washington, and South Dakota. Military members that take up residency in these states also benefit.

States that Don't Charge Income Taxes

The amount of savings gained by living in states with no state income taxes cannot be ignored. With states like California having income tax rates that exceed 13% for high earners in 2016 to Hawaii beach lovers shelling out a whopping 11% of dollars earned, you have to be a bit jealous of those people who live in states with no income state taxes.

Below is a list of states that don't require their citizens to donate a portion of each dollar earned simply because they chose to be residents.

  • Alaska Pay Stubs show zero when it comes to state taxes. This beautiful land and fresh air comes with a bit of a perk at tax time.
  • Florida Pay Stubs are enjoyed by residents who get to enjoy miles of sandy beaches, some of the best amusement parks in the world, and the best weather overall in the south. These are just a few reasons why northerners head down south for the winters and retirees choose it as the place they call home.
  • Nevada Pay Stubs also relieve residents of pesky income taxes. This means that every resident has more to spend sightseeing around the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon before heading to Vegas to try their luck at the casinos and ending their weekends buffet-style. These benefits of being a Nevada resident are just a few reasons to pack up and prepare to live in the warmth of this great state!
  • Located in the heart of New England, New Hampshire Stubs allow their residents to enjoy mountains, museums, and more without having to fiddle around with state income taxes. Live free or die without ever being charged for the income you earn in this majestic state that is filled with history, great places to call home, and plenty of extra funds.
  • South Dakota stubs allow residents to enjoy casinos, culture, and shopping that's second to none. If you've ever lived there or visited, you already know that Mt. Rushmore, dinosaur relics, and open spaces are just a glimpse of what this income tax free state has to offer.
  • Tennessee pay stubs have tracked the earnings of celebrities in all forms. Athletic greats like Wilma Rudolph, Oscar Robertson, and Bill Belichick share this great income tax free state with musicians Dolly Parton, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Aretha Franklin, Miley Cyrus, and Tina Turner, actors Lisa Marie Presley, Morgan Freeman, and Megan Fox, outdoorsmen Jack Hanna and Davy Crockett, and other notable names like Quentin Tarantino and Julian Bond. If there's something in the water, then you might want to take a sip of whatever's flowing in Tennessee!
  • Everything's bigger in Texas, except for the income tax amount displayed on Texas pay stubs. The wide variety of residents in this great state enjoy great weather year-round, lower priced real estate, and plenty of ways to spend all of that extra money saved by not having to pay income taxes. Guns, grilling, and great sports teams are just a few way to enjoy all that Texas has to offer. Number one on our list of places to keep what you earn, Texas is a great place to call home!
  • Washington Pay Stubs may boast no income taxes, but the rain may make it difficult to muster up the energy to go to work anyway. Outdoor lovers can take a break from their desk jobs to enjoy majestic scenery that's full of beautiful landscapes and hiking trails, while those who choose to spend time indoors have museums and more to enjoy. The birthplace of American greats like Dairy Queen (DQ), Microsoft, and Starbucks, Washington is full of innovators the rest of the world relies on daily.
  • Wyoming Pay Stubs are income tax free and spent on beer, buddies, and Broncos (Denver's right next door). The peaceful scenery, low crime rates, and fresh air are just what the doctor ordered for a long life, more bang for your buck, and a small piece of heaven right here on Earth.

Military members have long taken advantage of these non-taxed states by switching over their residence as soon as their enlistment papers are signed and their duty station is in the above list. If every penny counts, then you're able to keep more pennies when you reside in a state with no income tax.