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North Carolina paystubs show that there are different types of taxes that are common to every American - income tax, property tax, and taxes on goods and services. In this article we will briefly discuss those taxes in detail in addition to tax sub-categories.

Types of Taxes and the Different Forms of Taxation

    In society we all understand that taxes are not just something taken away by the government for their own reasons. Each form of tax that exists goes towards specific general public needs that we all use on a daily basis. Roads and highway maintenance, public schools, city landscaping, defense (army and for wars), and more all receive money from the taxes that we pay.

    There are three different types of taxes that are common to every American. In this article we will briefly discuss those taxes in detail in addition to sub-categories as well.


    One break that many individuals may not see depending upon their assets are property taxes. This section can be broken down into a variety.

    Real estate taxes: When individuals transition from living in an apartment(s) to living in a house, the structure of their bills end up changing. Instead of paying rent, you now pay “mortgage” which is pretty much the same thing, but with a longer term than an apartment rent price tag. These taxes include the general property taxes that are charged per the local governments guidelines. Real estate taxes can be paid on a monthly or even yearly basis (each city and state may differ in structure).

    Automobiles and airplanes: When purchasing an automobile and/or plane tickets there are taxes attached to those as well. Automobile taxes may include city and state taxes in addition to license plates tags as well (which are generally temporary with purchase for a set amount of days).

    Goods and services

    Everything that we use on a daily basis is subject to taxes. Grocery items, food, general household items, pretty much everything that can be purchased can have taxes added to it. Now that we have become so accustomed to our goods and services being taxed, you barely even realize it.


    Whether you work for someone else or for yourself, the income (salary/paychecks) that you earn are also subject to taxes as well. For the most part these are taxes that go towards your income taxes at the beginning of each year, which are subject to being refunded on a case by case basis. Unless you are from states that do not have income taxes (New Hampshire, Nevada, Florida, Alaska, Wyoming, Washington, Texas, and South Dakota) income taxes are a normal part of life to you.

    We thank North Carolina paystubs for providing this piece explaining the different type of taxes and the differnt forms of taxation. With no software to download, no templates to fill in, and no calculations to perform, we support this site in its ability to provide instant North Carolina pay stub income verification.

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