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New York paystubs show Advantages of Secured Credit Cards with Rewards. Covers credit card rewards, discounts, and the advantages you get with a secured credit card with rewards program.

Advantages of Secured Credit Cards with Rewards

    One of the best benefits that we as consumers have in this modern era is being able to build our credit while earning rewards as well. Credit card companies understood that having incentives for consumers would not only be beneficial for them (as the company), but for the consumers as well. This blueprint essentially created a win-win for both parties.

    Consumers have benefited greatly in more ways than one when obtaining these types of credit cards. There are three amazing (and typically basic/similar across the board) advantages that you (the consumer) can expect to receive when applying for a secured credit card with rewards.

    Cash back rewards

    Cash back rewards may not seem like much in the beginning, yet overtime (depending on how much you use the card) cash back rewards will add up. On average, secured credit cards offer 1%-2% cash back rewards on select (or all purchases). Typically if there are specific items such as gas and groceries that are eligible for cash back rewards, the credit card company will let you know in advance (and when changes occur).

    Building your credit score

    In addition to using these secured credit cards with rewards, you still get the basic advantage of credit cards… building up your credit score. As you begin to enjoy the rewards such as cash back and others, do not forget that at the end of the day, the biggest incentive is having a good track record. The better your credit card track record is, the higher you can extend your limit (if you so desire to).

    Extra Credit Card Discounts

    Having a secured credit card comes with many perks including the former and additional discounts as well. Specific credit card companies not only allow for cash back rewards, but also special discounts as well. These special discounts and partner companies differ from credit card companies. It is important that when you are in the market for a secured credit card with rewards that you keep this in mind. While these special discounts are available, they are also subject to change as well.

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