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Colorado paystubs show how to secure a loan when self-employed. Self-employeed individuals that need to take out loans are often unprepared during the application process. This article covers what is needed, how to organize, and best practices for small business loan application success.

How to Secure a Loan When Self-Employed

    Self employed individuals are people running business by themselves. Such individuals are the sole proprietor. Availing a loan for a self employed individual is not easy as they do not have a fixed salary is said, but that is not the entire fact. Securing a loan when self-employed is possible and it can be done without any hassles. However, the interest rate and documentation for self employed individuals varies. Nowadays, the numbers of self-employed people are increasing in numbers and to secure a loan one must pay perfect attention to details

    Documents required include:

    • Passport photograph
    • Address and Identity proof
    • Office address proof
    • Proof of business (typically a business license)
    • Latest 6 months bank statement

    Tips to secure a loan
    Speak to a qualified finance expert: Securing a loan when self employed without any proper idea means you will be wasting your time. So, it is best to speak to a qualified finance expert as they have complete knowledge of the loan process and working system thus will save your time.

    Comprehend your borrowing limits: You may know your borrowing limits before applying when you are self employed. This can be done using the calculator available on the internet readily or seek professional assistance from some finance expert to understand the amount you may borrow.

    Determine your eligibility: Assessing your eligibility as a self-employed individual helps. This is because any lender will consider your income consistency. A steady income relates to your income level so that the servicing requirements are met. If you have a steady business and you are into the current business for 24 months at least, implies you can determine your eligibility.

    Verify your income: As a self-employed individual, confirm your income. There will be a requirement of two year business and personal income tax returns. You can speak to an accountant and confirm the business financials.

    Factors worth considering for self-employee borrowers:

    • Being a self employed individual, consider the fact if you lack regular income
    • Inability to provide financial statements and if so, how to prove paying back the loan
    • Recovering from the history of bad credit is important or else your loan may be denied.

    Understanding how to secure a loan when self-employed can help you better prepare for loan approvals. Many lenders want to see that self-employeed individuals have the ability to manage their business through organized financial documents, business metrics that are documented, and a history of trustworthiness on behalf of the business owner. To help with documentation, it may be wise to pay yourself a salary monthly and document the payments usings Colorado paystubs that reflect the exact payments made and the taxes withheld (if any). With no software to download, no templates to fill in, and no calculations to perform, say "yes" to your instant Colorado paystub income verification!

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