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Are Fake Paystubs Legal?

Fake pays stubs have long been debated on as to whether or not they are legal or illegal. At Stub Samples we want to help clear up this point by providing an acceptable use policy that holds up in court.

Stub Samples Acceptable Use Policy

Established in 2009, is the original instant online stub creator. For years, customers have asked if fake pay stubs are legal, and as long as the questions have been posed, we have worked to use the law as our means of answering.

Why Do You Create Fake Pay Stubs

Fake pay stubs is a term we generally avoid here in our Chesapeake, Virginia office. First of all, the term "fake" comes off as negative and it lowers staff morale. Instead, we profess at the top of our lungs that our service provides "proof of income" that is (or at least should be) based on factual information provided by our customers.

But the Pay Stubs are Fake, Right?

A pay stub is proof of payment by an employer. Some employers have larger budgets and the technical expertise to use other software tools to generate pay stubs. Our clients tend to reside at the opposite end of the spectrum with smaller budgets, a smaller employee pool, and a sporadic need to show proof of income.

For example, a small business owner who pays themselves by handwritten check may be rejected if they take the processed check to apply for an apartment. After all, the canceled (processed) check must show fake income to its recipient because it was handwritten, right? Absolutely not!

Showing proof of income in a clean, standardized form does not make the stub or the income true or false. The only thing that matters is that a payment was made to an employee, and the paystub presented is documentation of that payment.

Make Pay Stubs a Legal Document

In America, proof of payment can be accomplished through most of the legal systems put into place to verify information. If you want to apply for a car and need a pay stub to do so, have the stub generated notarized. Take the actual handwritten check and the paystub created on our website to a notary showing that what you have done is transfer data from the canceled check to the stub sample document.

What Makes a Pay Stub Fake

Lying. Lying on a pay stub makes its information false and therefore makes the pay stub a "fake" representation of payments that were made. This is not what Stub Samples was created to do. From the perspective of a company that receives a truly fake pay stub, the easiest thing to do is verify the income stated. There should be a record (deposit entry or canceled check) from the stub you are receiving. Verifying this data on our end is beyond the scope of our business.

In the end, those people looking for fake paystubs for illegal reason may use the services of Stub Samples to create them. However, we were created and will remain available to those who use their powers for good to create acceptable proof of income documents.